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Trait How to Obtain What it does
Ancestral Guide Become a Samurai Increases chance of making a successful strike (doesn't say by how much)
Ancient Lore Become a Warlock, or purchase from Wizard, Priest, Warrior, or Thieves' guilds at level 3 in the Guild Allows you to begin developing the Artifact skill. The level in Artifacts determine the level of Item the character can successfully identify.
Arcane Void Give Jathil the scroll from the Priest's Guild (3rd Priest Guild quest in Ishad N'ha) Reduces by 25% all harmful magical spell affects on the character.
Arm of Argus Get a wish from the Genie Alababa (from the Lamp), ask for "Power" Increases amount of damage inflicted with a hand weapon on monsters (doesn't say by how much)
Backstab Become an Assassin, or purchase it from the Thieves' guild at level 5 guild level. If the character is invisible or hidden in shadows, any successful strike with a hand weapon will deal DOUBLE DAMAGE.
Berserk Possibly by donating the Boogre Brew at the Idol of Bongu (Boogre Caves) Increases all hand weapon damage to monsters by 25% and increases the chance of making a successful strike, but the character will receive 25% more damage from monster strikes with hand weapons as well.
Blacksmith Purchase through the Warrior's Guild at guild level 3. Allows the character to train in Forge, to be able to repair armor and weapons. The Forge skill level will determine the level of Item the character may successfully repair.
Bloodscent GOURK INTRINSIC TRAIT The character can sense nearby monsters, and will alert the party to their presence. (Sort of like a low-level Scout ability).
Boogreism Visit the Boogre Caves ;) The character is a Boogre. Gain +100 HP, but magic spell casting becomes highly unreliable, which may vary with Will and Sorcery skill. (You also turn OOGLY!)
Cabalist Purchase through Priest Guild at Guild level 4. Allows you to train in Blessings for Armor, weapons, and other devices. The Blessings skill determines how many blessings the character may bestow on a single item. The character must have one or more Artifact spells in their spellbook.
Chi Master 12th level Zenmaster, 6th level or higher standing in the Bushi Dojo Guild. All magic spells are cast as if your sorcery skill were two levels higher.
Cloak of Night Become a Ninja, or purchase it through the Bushi Dojo or Thief Guilds at level 4. Grants the ability to hide in shadows. A character hidden in shadows enjoys increased ability to make successful strikes and reduces a monster's ability to target or strike.
Crusade May be purchased at the Priest Guild for Paladins and Valkyries ONLY, available at Guild level 5 or higher. Doubles all XP obtained by slaying undead beings. [i]NOTE: In this game, Vampires are not considered "undead".[/i] :1ponder:
Deadfall Purchase from Thief or Bushi Dojo Guilds at level 4. Character takes less damage from falling.
Divine Aura 18th level Valkyrie, with 6th or higher Priest guild standing, purchase from Priest Guild Character gets a 50% resistance to Death Spells.
Dodge PIXIE INTRINSIC TRAIT Greatly reduces a monster's ability to make a successful strike on the character.
Dragon Fire Invoke the Heart of the Dragon Amulet found in Skull Castle Granst the special power to breathe fire on monsters (similar to Dragon Breath SUN spell)
Enlightenment 18th level Zenmaster, purchased through the Bushi Dojo at 6th Guild level or higher Every skill you have is increased by two full levels.
Evil Eye Invoke the Evil Eye in the Boogre Caves, can be recharged in the Ornate Orbistal. Grants the special power to cast gaze attacks on monsters, which give a wide array of effects, including stoning, paralysis, slaying, blinding, and/or damage. Similar to the gaze attack of the Naga.
Firebrand ??? Grants 25% resistance to all Sun spells.
Fletchery Rangers ONLY may purchase this from the Warrior guild at Guild level 5. It the character is equipped with a bow and arrows/bolts, the character will make new ones (up to 50) while not engaged in combat. NOTE that both the bow and the arrows must be equipped!
Fury Become a Barbarian Grants a 10% chance to deal double damage with hand weapons, but also confers a 10% chance to receive double damage from hand attacks from others.
Giant Strike Possibly by sacrificing Boogre Brew at the Idol of Bongu in the Boogre caves Grants a 25% chance to deal double damage with hand weapons.
Gold Digger RATTKIN INTRINSIC TRAIT Character can find better items and more gold in treasure chests
Grave Bind Become a Valkyrie Greatly hinders undead monsters from attacking the character.
Guardian Angel Invoke Kerah's Sword If the character has more than 1 HP remaining, any damage that would kill the character instead reduces the character's HP to 1: similar to a Vine of Life spell.
Guardian Ward ??? Reduces all damage from weapons by 25%
Hawk's Brow Become a Ranger Increases chance of striking target with range (bow) weapons,k and all missiles (arrows) do 20% extra damage.
Healer Purchase from Priest Guild at Guild Level 5. All healing spells cast by the character heal an extra 25% HP.
Heroic Legacy ??? The character gains an additional attribute point when achieving new experience levels. The bonus is not applied when a character has change roles until the character advance to a level equal to or beyond the level of the previous role.
Invincible Will Become a Zenmaster Grants 25% resistance to Mind spells and to paralysis.
Iron Lung Available to Barbarians and Bards at Thieves' Guild Level 5 or higher. Character consumes air 50% slower when swimming underwater.
Ironmight Available at Warrior's Guild at Guild Level 4. Grants 10% extra damage from any hand weapons.
Lethal Fist May be purchased from the Bushi Dojo at Guild level 5. Grants 10% chance to kill a monster with a critical strike.
Lucky Charm GNOME INTRINSIC TRAIT The character enjoys +10% resistance to all magical effects, and gains other additional special bonuses. (I've noticed considerably greater number of attribute points, for one).
Mana Seed OMPHAAZ INTRINSIC TRAIT The character regains all mana 25% faster.
Merchant Purchased through the Thieves' Guild at Guild Level 4. The character may purchase items at a reduced price and sell them at a higher price than normal.
Mercury's Heel ??? (may be the same as Faerie Wing trait?) Allows the character to move 20% faster.
Mindspeak ??? Grants a 25% resistance to being silenced.
Musician Become a Bard Character can train in Music Skill, which determines a character's ability to play magical instruments.
Natural Leader HUMAN INTRINSIC TRAIT The ability to inspire others, automatically granting all party members combat bonuses to make successful strikes and avoid the strikes of others.
Nature's Keeper Become a Monk Greatly reduces creatures of the forest from attacking the character.
Night Vision WHISKAH INTRINSIC TRAIT Character has improved vision in the dark (similar to a Torchlight spell)
Noble Cause Become a Paladin Increases the chance of making a successful strike against the undead, and increases all weapons damage to undead by 20%.
Oath of Scrolls Purchase from Wizards' or Priests' Guilds at level 6 or higher. Reduces spell damage on character by 20%, but increases weapon damage on character by 20%.
Oath of Swords Purchase from Warriors' Guild at Level 6. Reduces hand weapon damage inflicted on character by 20%, but increases damage inflicted by spells on character by 20%.
Occultist Purchase through the Wizards' Guild at Guild level 4. Allows the character to train in the Enchants skill to enchant items. The level of skill in Enchants determines how many enchantments may be placed on items. The character must have one or more Artifact spells in their spellbook.
Quick Learner ELVEN INTRINSIC TRAIT The character learns all skills 25% faster, and gains 10% more XP from killing monsters.
Quickspeak May be purchased at Wizard's and Priest's guilds at Guild level 6 or higher. Spells may be cast 20% faster.
Regeneration ??? The character heals at double the normal rate, and all healing spells cast on the character are doubled.
Scroll Lore Available at Wizards' Guild at Guild Level 5 Any scrolls used by the character have a 50% chance of not being destroyed so they may be used again.
Snakeskin LIZZORD INTRINSIC TRAIT or Accept the "Dark Nectar" from Elyssia in the Serpent Temple (must slip past Naga without killing her to do this). Grants a 50% resistance to poison.
Sneak Purchase through the Thieves' Guild at Guild Level 2. Reduces chance of being targeted by monsters, reduces chance of being detected while hidden in shadows.
Soul Bane ??? Any undead creature that damages the character will take an equal amount of damage in return (like a Reflect Damage spell)
Soul Drain (a.k.a. Vampire Bite) Become a Vampire The character heals up when destroying a monster. The amount of healing is proportional to the monster's HP.
Spellfire ??? All spell effects increased by 20%
Spirit Shield Purchase through Bushi Dojo at Guild Level 6 or higher Increases armor rating by +4 when wearing robes. (NOTE: will only work with the patched game!)
Stunning Blow Available to Barbarians ONLY, purchased at the Warrior's GUild at Guild Level 5. Grants the ability to stun (paralyze) a monster with a single blow.
Tiger Strike Purchased at Bushi Dojo Guild at Level 5 or Higher, available to Samurai and Zenmasters ONLY. The character makes all weapons attacks 20% faster.
Trickery Available to Rogues and Bards at Thieves' Guild level 5 or higher. Increases all thieving skills by 15%.
Vampirism Become a Vampire The character is a vampire. Vampires can no longer be healed with healing spells. They gain increased combat abilities at night, and suffer reduced ones during the day. All Vampires gain the special Vampire Bite power (see Soul Drain above), and when making a successful strike against red-blooded creatures, the character is healed up, and the monster may become paralyzed. The vampire's "bloodthirst" slowly drains their HP, forcing the Vampire to seek out new victims in order to heal.
War Cry DWARVEN INTRINSIC TRAIT The character may cause monsters to become afraid after a successful strike is made, which reduces the monsters' ability to fight.