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Misadventures of the Drow Wizard
Character Profile

The house of Kil'rahel (I made it a low house - the other houses look down upon them) The House of Secrets. The house has been a secretive place and survived by not attracting attention to itself. Fully based on politics. Eight centuries ago, it started as a magically-based clan who relys mostly on scrying and spying on other people. Tala turned it into her advantage and formed the clan into a House of Secrets. for the next 2 centuries, secrets were paid to be kept and secrets were sold. Until Charstra and Quavyl arranged Tala's accident/murder. How she die? that's a secret ...... for the next 3 centuries, Charstra had taken many lovers and several patrons to bear children... but Lloth did not answer her prayers. (actually Charstra has an extremly low fertility eggs). Until she had a brief affair with one of the nobles of another house But it was distasterous in the beginning... Charstra had loved him and now she wants him killed but she can't because he's the noble of the second house. Many months later, she bore a male child, Lym'ree, the only child of the house as a noble. Matron Charstra had decided that he would become a wizard. Lym'ree had no say in this matter. Small stalgtite was formed into a small house (drow have to fly DOWN and the slaves cannot escape)

This house is in favor of Lloth
one matron: Charstra Kil'rahel one priestess: Quavyl Kil'rahel(adopted by Charstra's mother: Tala Kil'rahel, but she allied herself to Charstra) assassin: Mal'er (she will be along when Lym'ree of age 100) patron(s): all sacrificed Wizard: Y'rav Kil'rahel (he is now destroyed by Charstra when she became matron) wizard-to-be: Lym'ree Kil'rahel (father unknown) weapon master: Tarolin Kil'rahel (taken in when Lym'ree is 50 years old)
Other info : It is a poor house soliders: 15+ commoners: 20+ slaves: 10+ (halflings, kobolds, and goblins - because they came cheap)

Ok ok it's not completely set up YET!!!

small information: Lym'ree had no male influence in his entire life (except for the soliders who are order to have NO contact with Lym'ree)
... until Tarolin arrived at the House. Taroline tutored Lym'ree how to fight with weapons (it's necessary for all nobles)
Lym'ree was 50 years old then and Tarolin's over 300+.
The moment Lym'ree laid his eyes on Tarolin, he developed a HUGE romantic crush but he's so inexperienced that he didn't know that it was love....
As for Tarolin... He kept to himself. He is Yaoi BIG TIME! But.... due to his past, he is uncertain that he should get involved with a noble .... again. *winks* He's a weapon master and he's lawful evil. He can be kind... if he choses to be.
at that time, Tarolin thinks Lym'ree is experiencing hero-worship, inexperienced child, and looking for a father-figure.
whereas Lym'ree thinks Tarolin thought of him as an incompetent wizard-child who does not know his way out of the House.

Tarolin has a bad habit of calling Lym'ree 'Drowling'

some tame Yaoi stuff ;)

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