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Art Stuff part 1
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Another Gallery

*Sighs* I decided to make a new page before I overload the other pages with useless art crap

Cat-boy in COLOR!

Duck Warrior: don't laugh

Blue-haired sleeping MERMAID!

FLEA doodle part 1

FLEA doodle part 2

Just a guy with hat

Mermaid in COLOR! WARNING: slight partial nudity! ok now you can't say I didn't warn you...

Warrior Woman pin-up rough sketch in the works.... email me what you think

Butterfly fairy on the daisy...I put it up at Elfwood

my unhandsome but cute wizard


DC Comic's ORION is crying because his series will be cancelled at issue #25


UPCOMING: my cat-man pin-up!

all characters (except DC's Orion) on this page is my creation.... not for anyone's profit or promotion. ask first