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Ok I had people ask me why Lym'ree's clothes were so plain. First, he's from a LOW-status house and Second, there's more to the outfit than you think. Inside of the robe, there were all kinds of hidden pockets. Same goes for the sleeves.


I did this cutie guy drow with Photoshop 4.0.
might as well start small ;)


*sniffs* "does anyone care about me?"

Wanna be sacrificed?



Lym'ree Kil'rahel, the grumpy drow wizard/mage is casting a spell...


the unhappy wizard/mage drow by the name Lym'ree Kil'rahel with his pet rat and the two bratty wise-cracking spiders (they given to him by this mother to keep an eye on his antics. His mother does NOT want him do anything that would embarrass her and cause to lose Lloth's favor)


If you are wondering who's the elf guy, his name is Lym'ree Kil'rahel the only son of 42th house of Ched Nasad. Located a month's travel to the south of Menzoberranzan, the city is well away from danger's sharp talons. Ched Nasad was formed by House Nasadra after it's members were nearly destroyed for worshiping Panath.

Lawful Neutral
Likes: books, learning, allies, respect, board games, love, and color blue (little does he know that he was thinking of the sky).
dislikes: spiders, dissection, orcs, goblins, kobolds, power-hungry wizards, matrons, and spinach.

hair: thick silky white
eye color: always red at the underdark, turned blue in the daylight of the surface.
weight: 103 lbs.
height: 63 inches tall
weapons: 4 daggers - one tucked in his boots and his sleeves. He rarely use them. (he was trained by Tarolin)
Status: he became a 5th level wizard at age 50
at the age of 200, the level had increased to 5 times. (not equal to the Archmage's because their temperment is not the same. Gromph CAN kick Lym'ree's butt)
Though he purchased/acquired/stolen spell books that belonged to the human wizards. the wizard level on the surface is unknown.
Charm = 14+ (damn good-looking dark elf!)

small bio on him: His mother, Matron Charstra had him in her late years. after his birth, She cannot bear any more children. he was a surprise and a disappointment to her at the same time. His father was... shh! it was a scandal! (he belonged to another house and she hated him for using her to tick his matron off). She was a total hateful b***h. She kept him hidden with under the care of her priestress, Quavyl, until his time comes.
She plans to make her son into the wizard of the house, as long he knows his place.
She plans to destroy all the innocence he had to make him a perfect drow.

As her son gotten older and forever embarrasing the house, the matron's punishments gotten severe.
sighs* being the only child in the family is a pain... plus he's only a male.
Lym'ree was tutored for 10 years by a wizard hired by the Matron. Then the tutor was killed when revealed as a spy from another house.
he had an ally Tarolin the weapon master (Lym'ree spotted Tarolin when he was 15. They finally met when Lym'ree was 50), two wise-cracking talking (he received them with he was 175 years old) spiders, a pet rat (didn't last long), a halfling girl slave(who was given to him by his mother as a test subject but Lym'ree spared her), and a minor (low and loyal) demon pet whose job was cleaning the higher demon's feet (more on him later).
Thus came the misadventures of his life.

At age 186, he discovered the identity of his father. He also had a brother and a sister through the father but they are dead.

He dreamed to be the grandest wizard that he read in the books (that his demon stole for him) in the Underdark and the surface. He has no interest in gaining status, just wants respect. Little does he know......

Then he lost it all when he reached the tender age of 200. Friends, Allies, and Innocence.
In his grief, he created several fearsome golems, destroyed his own house, faked his own death, traveled in the Underdark, and finally reached the surface.

2 rough years later, he encountered a little human boy who is deaf-mute....
Power is strong in him....where did it come from?

Private Gallery and Webcomic

The Link above is art yet to come for this page Plus a thumbnail sketch of the webcomic based on my character


This is a pic of yet to come in my webcomics *wink*
Action, Adventure, Pain, Love, and Betrayal!
what fun ;) Charstra, Quavyl, Lym'ree, and Tarolin (the weapon master)


My attempt at acrylics - bad isn't it?


Anya's feeling low so I thought I'll do this piece for her

all characters on this page is my creation.... not for anyone's profit or promotion. ask first