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Ok this site's got a new title!

Realm of Warlock's Art

Here you'll learn a little about me: my interests and hobbies, my artwork, my pets, and more. I've even included a list of my favorite links to other sites.

I have been busy of late, This site will have an additional pages: My characters profile page, Fanart page, and other galleries :)

*dusts this site* it's been awhile since I updated this...
there willb be a few changes... I now visit TWO oekaki boards... and more pictures


MISADVENTURES of the drow wizard

Hmph still working on this bio....

Ok, I'll tell a little bit about myself:
ok Adam is NOT my real name...but heck I don't mind naming myself after one of my favorite characters, Adam Warlock. You may call me by my real name by email but I'm comfortable being called by my ID at other sites.

My hobbies are: RPG video or PC games, computers, walking, art, comics, reading, and will add more later!

Favorite movie: Shrek! that movie rules!

Favorite Sport: none actually I like walking

Favorite music: Tangerine Dream, Enya, Bjorn Lynne, Mp3 music groups, and Styx!

Favorite comic book characters: Adam Warlock, Wolverine, The Authority (1st group), Powers, CrossGen books, Books of Magic, X-men, Harley Quinn, Patrick the wolf boy, and Hellblazer

Favorite author: R. A. Salvatore Rules! (for now)

Ok onward to history,
Born in MI, USA and stayed there since... Have 4 older brothers, I'm the baby in the family.

Right now I'm attending Baker College to finish my Bachelor's degree in Business... afterwards I don't know, future still uncertain.... :( (sure do want to be an owner of a comic book store...)

As for D&D, I just watched my brothers at play... I never joined in...well... I did once but I died too quickly... :P So I'll stick with drawing RP characters for them and for myself! heh heh heh ;)

As for my art, I started at the age of 8. Mostly self-taught. for 4 years at high school, I begged off gym (I was too 'sickly' and I hated gym) so I took art classes in its place. :D Unfortunaly after graduation, there were no (good)art courses at college available within my area. I did more RP characters for couple more years until fell out of it. Went to Baker College in 1995, found one art course (it's called Design I) in 1996, fell in and out afterwards, until I discovered This one particular site ELFWOOD! so I picked up my pen(or pencil) again... sighs... :/ hmph interesting thing is: I have improved during my absence. go figure

Please email me with any comments, complaints or reactions you have to my site. I check them once in a while :)


hate those 'illegal operation' windows

What's Up?

09/06/01 - now voted Ironwork's forums the BEST place to visit!
09/08/01 - now staying at Ironworks forums look for me there as 'adam warlock' PLUS new pics!!!! yippie!
9/11/01 - bombings at the World Trade Center twin buildings, Pentagon, and people on the plane are killed. Closed several of my sites out of respect for the victims and lit a few candles for my friends who don't have any...
09/26/01 - I'll be re-arranging my site so pay attention to the changes.
09/28/01 - I now have left FARP yahoo group... too many problems. They and I just couldn't handle it.
I'm a member of Mithril Hall look for me as Lymree Kilrahel
10/13/01 - dropped out of my art's not good enough I guess
10/15/01 - made a pic for Anya to cheer her up
10/16/01 - joined Yahoo's drowfic and more pics added.
10/21/01 - more pics added at Dark Elf and FR galleries
Journal end on 10/22/01 - I am now posting my entries to Link below

Please Please ask my permission if you have BIG plans for my artwork....
better hope I don't find it at other sites claiming it was someone else's or he/she will be tossed into the Underdark dungeon to be tortured by evil dark elves (drow). They will be using whips that has 'Copyright laws'written on them *cracks whip* ;) :D