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On this page I'll describe each piece of my artwork I've done for my characters I created at Wizards & Warriors PC RPGame.... these here are just doodles.... I've done quite a few better art crap...
09/21/01 - NEW PICS!! Since there were too many pictures to put up... I turned most of them into links... check 'em out!


what the heck PIX is up to NOW?????


my attempt at drawing an oomphaz with a pen
took me about 5-10 minutes... not bad


what's Aze up to? click on pic to find out :)


what's Aze mad about now? click on picture :)


They are caught on camera! uh-oh... the Lily is not happy...

200 pcs of gold scam in the 'storyline'

Long long time about there was a thread called 'Storyline' started by Adam Mage (which is me btw) until I requested for it be closed


what's Adam Mage (warrior) is saying? click on image

W&W trouble at the INN

Lady Erin finished her monk quest, came back to the Inn to retrieve her clothes from Gambyt but only to discover that they have disappeared... hmmmmm...


Uh-oh.... what's the matter with these guys!



It's still not logical to have just one horse for the six members... click on pic for a larger image :)

Gambyt promoted from thief to ninja

my attempt at Gambyt (as a ninja) pin-up but I got his robe wrong though... damn.... :(


what's our barbarian pixie pixed off now? click on picture to find out ;)


uh-oh what's with the horse? why he's afraid? click on pic...


Erin's not happy about something... click on image to find out why....


This Ratling is shocked about something... what is it? click on picture :)

Pixed off Barbarian pixie 1

He's at it again! that stupid stupid barbarian pixie!

Bug Zapper character wizard, TAOQ, is zapping bugs to increase his experience points since he only have about 10 exps to go....

Bathroom Troubles

Of all the towns of Gael Searran, There's one town that has an outhouse....

Trouble at the Gates

Encountered the Amazoni Mantraps far Northwest from Ishad N'ha. I got away from them...
I didn't know that they followed me there.... until my group went back outside through the gates.

Aiming too close

my warlock decided to use 'Flamestrike' against the Amazoni Mantrap but realized that it was a closeup... well... you'll see the result...

Breath Problem

hiding behind the giant disk (I call it Batman's giant penny), trying to figure out how to defeat the Naga.... but you'll see the result

my W&W RP character faces

I was working on Gambyt and it went bad (again) so I figured what the heck ... I'll just doodle (again) done with pencil

Misadventures doodles 1

hey just adventures and gossip I ran into either from Ironwork's W&W forum or Saz's GSE news

Get your copy HERE! Gael Serran EXAMINER!

Sazerac, the moderator of Wizards and Warriors forum had created his own RP newspaper for Gael Serran. (go to My Favorite Links)
I decided to draw my characters reading his paper in his honor :)

Trouble with the Raft

Will the raft hold six people? go find out
(pay attention to the fish)


nah it won't last... ;)

Tired old joke

Just a quick pencil drawing of the aftermath of the battle between the knight and the dragon ;)